All 25 Hard Candy Corn Locations in Brookhaven RP

All 25 Hard Candy Corn Locations in Brookhaven RP

Introduction to Getting all 25 Hard Candy Corn

With an expansive and engaging virtual world to discover, Brookhaven RP has become a highly sought-after role-playing game on the Roblox platform. With Halloween just around the corner, the game developers have introduced a fun and exciting event featuring the collection of 25 Hard Candy Corns scattered throughout the town. In this article, we will guide you through the process of locating all the Hard Candy Corns in Brookhaven RP, ensuring you don’t miss out on any of these tasty treats.

Locating the 25 Hard Candy Corn in Brookhaven RP

Brookhaven RP is a large game world with numerous locations to search for the coveted Hard Candy Corn. To make your task easier, we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you find every single one. From the town center to the outskirts, these Candy Corns are cleverly hidden, so keep your eyes peeled and follow our lead.

Starting off in the town center, you can spot your first Hard Candy Corn near the fountain. From there, head towards the park, and you’ll find another one hidden behind the swings. While exploring the residential area, check out the gardens as they often hide these little treasures. Keep an eye out for one near the white picket fence behind the red house.

Comprehensive Guide to Finding Every Hard Candy Corn

Continuing our journey, we move to the beach area where you can find a Hard Candy Corn near the lifeguard tower. As we venture further, the school playground holds another hidden gem. Look for the Candy Corn inside the play structure among the colorful slides and climbing frames.

Next, head to the fire station and search around the back for a Hard Candy Corn hidden behind a fire truck. Meanwhile, the police station also houses its own treasure, with a Candy Corn located in the reception area. Don’t forget to explore the hospital, where you’ll discover another Hard Candy Corn in the waiting area.

As we approach the outskirts of town, make sure to explore the scenic lake area. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find a Hard Candy Corn tucked away behind a tree near the picnic tables. Lastly, the graveyard holds its own secrets, and you’ll find a Candy Corn perched on a tombstone near the entrance.


With our comprehensive guide, you are now armed with the knowledge to conquer the task of finding all 25 Hard Candy Corns in Brookhaven RP. This event presents an exciting opportunity for both novices and veterans alike to test their skills. So gather your friends, put on your detective hats, and embark on a thrilling adventure to locate these hidden treasures. Happy hunting!


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